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Literature review on bank loans

LITERATURE REVIEW Though there is a slight decrease in lending during the period 2008-09, the bank has increasedthe lending’s substantially. The total. 3.0 Literature Review In commercial lending, commercial banking plays a dominant role (Allen & Gale, 2004). In many countries, commercial banks routinely perform investment banking activities by providing new debt to their customers (Gande, 2008). Section 2 provides a literature review of the macroeconomic and bank-specific determinants of NPLs. Section 3 summarizes the findings of a. Banks also play an important role in diminishing informational asymmetries and risks in the financial system. Hence, the study of the banking industry and its. (PDF) Home loan Portfolio- A review of literature Literature Review on Banking Services: [Essay Example], 1520 words Non-performing Loans: A Review of the Literature and the International (PDF) Home loan Portfolio- A review of literature the various variables identified are financial basics are behind drop in home cost, interest rate plays an important role, paper work, decrease in profitability, awareness among the prospective...

Researchers and policy-makers need a comprehensive review of literature to understand the determinants and consequences of student loans. This. This study helps us to show the. analysis of loans and deposits with the period of time in Axis Bank at West T ambaram. T he. study to. 1. LITERATURE REVIEW 1. Manish Mittal and Arunna Dhademade (2 005) they found that higher profitability is the only major parameter for evaluating banking sector performance from the shareholders point of view. It is for the banks to strike a balance between commercial and social objectives. They

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Literature review on bank loans

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